The Wolf Necklace
The Wolf Necklace
The Wolf Necklace

The Wolf Necklace

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Wolf (by Jessie) 

Let me trade in my smile for fangs
And my feminine fingers for paws.

Let me trade in my manicured nails for claws
And my curly locks for silver fur.

Let me trade my heart shaped mouth for a long snout
And the freckles on my nose for whiskers.

Let me trade my curves for a round, bushy tail
And my clumsiness for strength and agility.

Let me trade my tears for whimpers and barks
And my voice for howls in the night.

Let me trade my dinner reservations for hunting down a moose
And my poor senses for keen ears and a nose.

Let me trade my soul for a different one
And become a friend to the moon.

Let me live my life as a wolf
And all that it encompasses.

Let me symbolize the dawn and the dusk
And let me symbolize the converging of light and darkness.

Because that is wolf,
And that is what I see, when I look in the mirror.


This is a totem for a wolf girl. For a warrior.

The Necklace has been made from scratch using sterling silver sheet. Every detail is hand pierced and shaped.

Small howling wolf sits among leafy circled. In the middle I have set beautiful Deschutes Jasper (from Oregon).

Finished in matte patina.

sterling silver chain: 18”

One of a kind! Enjoy