The Winter Barn Owl & Amber Ring 9US
The Winter Barn Owl & Amber Ring 9US

The Winter Barn Owl & Amber Ring 9US

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In late summer
I feel the chill again
the first marauding
from the high plateau

I can sense the teeth in everything
and claws under rock and ti-tree
biting down

in the dry sand of the creekbed
I find the skeleton of a barn owl
and snap off its skull
with a twist of my thumb and forefinger

I string it
with a length of fishing-line
and for days
I wear it around my neck
dreaming at night
of the crack of lizard-bones
the death-cries of small marsupials

the hard beak
as I work
knocking against my chest

the great, absent eyes
as I sleep
watching from eucalpyts 
or waiting in dark rafters.
© 2005, David Brooks




Slender Barn Owl adorned with crescent moon and stars. She is looking at the beautiful Baltic Amber (has bubbles on it!  That's ia water steam).Under the stone you will notice the North Star and stars.

An unique ring that will quickly become your favourite to wear. 

It can be slightly expanded half a size.

It is full of magic and have it's own soul. 



Peace and Love