The Loving Rabbit Drop Necklace
The Loving Rabbit Drop Necklace
The Loving Rabbit Drop Necklace

The Loving Rabbit Drop Necklace

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Rabbit Spirit Guide

If you have seen a rabbit hop in your life, pause! It’s time to look before you leap. It can also be a reflection of your life as a problem solver. A rabbit is a magical power animal to offer you guidance when you need to switch different directions fast. Decision making is an important aspect of our lives. We need help to make the right decisions. At times people may want to take advantage of you. Seek help from your rabbit spirit guide. But, you must first stop, look and listen.

Rabbit Totem Symbol

Rabbits are naturally small and gently, with little defence. To them, anyone or anything is a possible threat but that doesn’t mean that they manage to relax and eat glass or even enjoy their sleep. If you identify with a rabbit, you may possess similar attributes of fear and timid response. Yes, you may suffer from anxiety and shyness in social situations but your rabbit power animal has a message for you. It’s there to teach you that you need to overcome fear that is so irritating and still protect yourself from harm.

The rabbit totem symbolises many things in your life due to its diverse nature. It’s a symbol of fertility, wealth, cleverness, fear or freedom. Anytime a rabbit comes across your life, it is important you keenly look at how the rabbit appeared.

Something for the bunny lovers. Something for those who want to be close to nature and have a piece of it on their neck. 

The necklace has been made from scratch in sterling and fine silver metal. 

As most of you know every creature is made by my hands. Unique and special. 

Here you see a detailed rabbit resting in a hand formed drop, against the starry sky. Adorned with some granulation. 

Very wearable and eye catching. 

Please send me a message with your favourite length for perfect fit. 


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