You Are Enough Necklace
You Are Enough Necklace
You Are Enough Necklace
You Are Enough Necklace

You Are Enough Necklace

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I Am Enough — A Poem about Worthiness

By Jennifer Williamson


There is a wholeness that’s already mine.

It’s already ours.

I am not just the seed,

I am the rain that waters the flower.

It’s a reality that’s already there,

That I am enough.

I take on faith

That wholeness is already mine,

That I need do nothing to deserve,

That my worthiness is based only on my being.


I am wise enough to let go,

And I am strong enough to remember the truth

Of who I really am.

I can encounter the world

In such a way

That I remember who I am.


I am the rest inside the unrest.

I am the depth of the sky,

And the light piercing the sea.

I am the crest of a wave.

All that I need to be,

I am.


There is no problem to solve in this moment.

There is no plan to make,

No failure to be feared,

No other place to be.

This moment is enough.

This place is enough.

This imperfection is enough.

I am patient enough for my life to unfold in divine timing.


I feel the fullness of my life in this moment.

I feel the richness of my life in this space.

I am loved beyond thought,

And I have nothing to prove.

There is no one to impress.

I receive the message

That being is enough.


I am wise enough to see magic through a child’s eyes.

I am resilient enough to see past the pain.

I am kind enough to realize

That my worth has been with me

This whole time.


Beyond the shadows

That I have created,

The message remains:

I am the same.

I have always been enough,

Simply by being here.

Simply by being.


It only takes a moment,

And I remember this again.

. . .


Beautiful and soulful poem. A great reminder. I believe everyone should read it every morning. 

Dainty yet intricate talisman necklace. Great to become an everyday piece. Great to layer with other treasures.

Adorned with genuine pink Amethyst. If you prefer it without the stone-just drop me a message.

Sawn by hand. Perfectly finished matte patina. 

Sterling silver. 

Length : 18" (let me know if you prefer a different length)

Available Today only.