The WILD Necklace
The WILD Necklace
The WILD Necklace
The WILD Necklace

The WILD Necklace

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For all the wild souls and wild wanderers. 

Hand pierced letters has been soldered on individual plates of hand textured sterling silver. 

Adorned with tiny dots. 

They make lovely sound with every move. 

Heavier chain. 

Soft matte patina finish with sparkly dots. 

Classic that will be worn often. Looks great layered with other necklaces. 

Enjoy 💙



(by M.Green)

The Nymph’s whisper 
awakens the weary wanders;
the melodic breeze loosens their sore backs.

Journeying, on the gypsy road, 
sifting through cruel and beautiful places,
with every new sight they take in, 
they witness moments.

A bearded storyteller
slowly moves his hand over a campfire;
his voice smooth as midnight. He entrances 
a little boy grinning with missing teeth.

A silver haired woman 
stands before her tribe,
pointing at a drawing in the dirt,
a wolf baying at the moon. 

A little girl
stares deeply into the palm 
of a newborn and promises 
a long life for the little one.

A band of three
strum their string instruments,
couples stump their feet, and 
pick up on the merry jig.

A tall magician
twirls his thumbs and a basket lifts 
off the ground, a curious woman
pokes at the oddity that continues to rise. 

People watch, wonder about, 
and wait for the wanderers
carried by the wind.