The Twilight Fairy
The Twilight Fairy
The Twilight Fairy
The Twilight Fairy
The Twilight Fairy

The Twilight Fairy

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(by ultimatepanicqueen) 
between fantasy and reality,
lies this tiny fairy world rarely seen

A world 
filled with rainbow hued pixie dust
and delicate translucent wings 
that reflect the midnight moon

The black velvet sky
carves the moon into crescent form
and the stars splatter the sky with color

Moon drenched tulips dot the landscape
Crickets perform a symphony in the clover
and the sweet smell of honeysuckle scents the air

In the depths of the magical forest
is where they hide
away from those
that would not understand

The early evening shadows
lend little shelter from the nightly mist
that drops from the sky like embossed crystals 
landing gracefully upon their tiny wings

Emerging from the forest underbrush
they dance joyfully among the fireflies 
flitting silently 
intermittently lighting the way

To the darkness
they bring such delight
as they sip midnight dew
collected on the tiny flower petals

These tiny infinite energies
holding natures magic at hand
their hearts filled with flames of passion
and wisps of star dust

Their joyous laughter echoes 
throughout the enchanted forest
and their cheerful songs
float gently upon the midnight breeze
I have to say I fell in love with the fairies and elves. 
It is so much joy to bring them to life!
I am always so excited to show you every next one. 
This time contemplating one who brings you light in a labradorite form. 
She sits on a crescent moon against the starry sky. 
Note her tiny foot and ear!
Ready to ship. 
Entirely handmade. 
Sterling silver. 
Diameter : 1.5"
Chain measures 18"