The Small Unicorn Necklace - Unicorn Opal Necklace

The Small Unicorn Necklace - Unicorn Opal Necklace

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This beauty is made to order. Please allow 7 working days to fly. Limited time offer! Check the rest of the necklaces. There are few offered just for a moment.



© Gene

Look, over there
Confused in its present state
Stands a one horned animal let out of heavens gate
Angel's give them a specific name
So all can be forewarned
For those whose life is
Worn and torn
God made the mighty Unicorn.


Here I am bringing to you some magic dust for the end of the year!

Small and intricate unicorn, every little bit of this beauty is made by hand.

Layers of silver sheet- cut carefully and shaped  to bring it to life and give some dimension.

Adorned with a genuine fiery opal and freshwater pearl.

Please leave me a message with a perfect length for you <3