The Shield Spell Ring
The Shield Spell Ring
The Shield Spell Ring
The Shield Spell Ring
The Shield Spell Ring

The Shield Spell Ring

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Golden Mist Shield Spell
This protection spell is very easy to master. It creates an aura around you similar to a golden orb of mist filled with positive energy, which blocks other people’s negative thoughts and emotions.  If you find yourself among negative people, you may use this spell and as a result you will not feel the slightest bit of discomfort.  However, this shield isn’t very effective against supernatural dangers such as demons or curses, because it will dissipate easily when subjected to an attack.
The breath of life
And the light of my mind Creates an enchantment Of protection and comfort
As the air I breathe is purified I surround myself with an orb of gold
This golden haze Is constantly purified And separated from any negativity
May my space be protected

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The Shield Protection Ring
Created with love and filled with good vibes and positive energy to protect you from negativity. 
Intricate skull hugged by the crescent moon on a lining os starry sky. 
The ring is shield shaped and decorated by hand. 
Comfortable like a second skin. 
Band width : 6.5 mm
Matte finished patina. 
100% recycled sterling silver.
I offer just a few of these and they are made to fit your size. Will ship in 7 working days ❤️