The Pine Wonderland Earrings
The Pine Wonderland Earrings
The Pine Wonderland Earrings

The Pine Wonderland Earrings

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 The Winter Forest

The trees move in the Winter Forest, 
They sway with the gental breeze. 
Naked as the leaves fall to the ground, 
And the water will slowly freeze. 
The forest casts shadows on the snowy grounds, 
As the light of a thousand stars shine through. 
The angels dance and sing in the snow, 
As the sky turns to a midnight blue. 
One angel sings of the moon and stars, 
Another sings of the sun. 
They play in the trees and howl with the wind, 
Their wings glistening as through the forest they gracefully run. 
By day the Winter Forest is quiet and peaceful, 
But by night it's alive with games and song. 
The angels, fairies, moon and stars, 
Beckon you to come along. 
Join in with their dance in praise of the night, 
Run with the wolves fast and free. 
When the sun comes up they will say goodnight, 
Silent again the Winter Forest will be!

by EMMA Funnell


A magical pair of earrings for nature lovers. 

To celebrate Winter, but then again they are wearable all year round. 

Beautifully shaped crescent base has been adorned with dangly hand sawn pine tree and long chains ended with hematite stars. Beautiful movement.

Very wearable and comfortable. 


It will ship in the end of December