The Phoenix Ring
The Phoenix Ring
The Phoenix Ring

The Phoenix Ring

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Some facts about phoenix. Don’t forget how powerful and healing amber is!

Phoenix Totem Animal

Phoenix totem animal is a fitting symbol of spiritual truth. This one of a kind bird lives for hundreds of years and when it dies, it regenerates itself first as a worm that grows into a magnificent bird with red and purple feathers. 

The phoenix is sacred to the sun. It is often used as a standard for the measurement of the motion of heavenly bodies. The diet of the bird is unknown, for it never eats in the presence of man.

When there is death or sadness, the phoenix sings a beautiful and soulful melody. That is why; the ancient mystics believe that the phoenix spirit represents the immortality of the human soul. 

Phoenix Spirit Animal

Phoenix spirit animal represents a magical and gentle soul. It brings good luck, harmony, peace, balance, and prosperity. This magical creature symbolizes fire and passion – the flames of true inspiration.

The phoenix is also the firebird symbol. It is also one of the symbols of rebirth. It represents the continuation of life in flames of change. When the bird grows old, it flies into the sun and dies. But it rises again from its embers by first developing into a worm.  

The worm then becomes the great sun eagle, thus signifying the power of transformation in response to hopelessness and devastation. Thus, the phoenix spirit animal has the ability to lift us from the ashes of destruction into the blue skies of optimism and renewal. 

In the worst of times, it teaches us how to be victorious. Out of suffering, we grow in spirit. In heartbreak and sadness, this beautiful and gentle creature sings an enchanting song that summons the forces of heaven.

You can meditate upon your Phoenix spirit animal. Simply light a red candle, since red represents the magnificent phoenix powers. Make sure you will be undisturbed for the duration of this meditation. 

Relax and calm your mind as you observe the red candle’s flame. See the flame alive within the core of your being. Focus on this inner flame’s optimism, renewal, rebirth, and hope. End your meditation by thanking the phoenix for its guidance. 

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It’s been long time I have carried this beauty in my heart and mind. Many asked me to create a Phoenix ring. So here it comes. In a wearable nice size and form.  

Made totally by hand in sterling silver. Very intricate. To make it even a more powerful talisman I have added a golden brass crescent moon.

Please send me your size via DM on Instagram or FB as I am having trouble with my email.

I hope you will enjoy it!