The Mustang Saddle Ring
The Mustang Saddle Ring
The Mustang Saddle Ring
The Mustang Saddle Ring

The Mustang Saddle Ring

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Wild Thing!
So intricate beauty!
Made entirely by hand in sterling silver.
Hand pierced and shaped horse surrounded by horse shoe.
Very comfortable to wear and easy to pair with other rings.
I offer only few of these and they will ship on Tuesday. Available Today only.
Please email me with your size after ordering.
Miles are left behind
The drumming of hooves
Can be heard across the plains

The wind whips through
The golden mane
The sleek muscles work with ease

The sun-yellow coat
Gleams with fire it’s own
The dust cloud marking the trail

The breeze gentle ripples the grass
While the legs of the stallion
Work up the ground with fury

The whole earth shakes with
The power that runs in the wind
Running stronger to race the world

Spread out behind, are a herd
The gray dust can just barely
Hide the gleaming coats

The wild ones, the Mustangs
Live the life on the wild prairies
And rugged mountains

Above shadow of the hidden life
An eagle cries above
The spread out grassland

The mustangs travel on
Their home is on the ranges
And among the trees

They are the heart of the land itself
Filled with spirit and power
Always and forever

This land shall be ruled by the
By the spirit and unbreakable heart
Of wild mustang
by Horse Poet