The Larimar & Hibiscus Necklace No1
The Larimar & Hibiscus Necklace No1
The Larimar & Hibiscus Necklace No1

The Larimar & Hibiscus Necklace No1

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What Does the Hibiscus Flower Mean?

Although specific meanings for the hibiscus differ depending on the culture of the beholder, there are some generalities about what the hibiscus symbolizes.

  • This is considered a very feminine flower and so is usually given or worn by women. In North America especially, a hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman.
  • In Victorian times, giving a hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver’s delicate beauty.
  • In China, hibiscuses symbolize the fleeting and beauty of fame or personal glory. It is given to both men and women.

Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. ... It represents peace and clarity radiating healing and love energy.


Today I am bringing you some classical yet magical necklace! Those of you who had a Larimar stone at least once in hand, know how spectacular it is. The only thing you can mine Larimar is Dominicana.

Beautiful heart of Larimar with a handmade multi-layered Hibiscus Flower. Note the tiny stamen! Adorned with tiniest silver beads. 

It will look great with other Necklaces too!

Definitely will make a beautiful gift for a beloved one.

Don't miss. In my shop you will find another like the one you see, but a bit larger. 

Comes on a sterling 18" chain.

Whole piece is made of sterling silver.


Have a lovely evening,