The Hoopoe & Fern - Baltic Amber Necklace
The Hoopoe & Fern - Baltic Amber Necklace
The Hoopoe & Fern - Baltic Amber Necklace
The Hoopoe & Fern - Baltic Amber Necklace

The Hoopoe & Fern - Baltic Amber Necklace

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The Hoopoe bird with its distinctive head crest has a long history as a symbolic spiritual high priest, bringing valuable secret knowledge to mankind. ... The Hoopoe was also a diviner of knowledge to the prophet-king Solomon: able to reveal the presence of 'secret' springs and wells.


Malallah relates to the Hoopoe bird because of its historic association with moral and spiritual guidance, and legends of dangerous journeys undertaken by the bird, often inviting others to share in the experience. The artist equates these journeys to her own artistic journey, in which she undertakes to seek the truth in order to survive. In her work, the Hoopoe has become a symbol of survival itself.

 The Hoopoe & Fern-Baltic Amber Necklace 

Something powerful and healing. A beautiful bird Hoopoe that symbolizes survival and magical Baltic Amber. What a great combo! 


The bird has been handmade with sterling silver sheet. As you know I don't do castings nor use machine made components. Each and every creature is made by hand. 

In a company of Baltic Amber that reveals hand pierced fern underneath. 

Powerful yet Whimsical talisman to be treasured a lifetime. 

The chain measures 18" and can be adjusted to your needs. 







Amber Stone..

Baltic Amber is highly prized for its high quality. Polish craftsmen have long been reputed for making beautifully crafted pieces from it.

Clears The Mind and Eases Stress

Amber stone is not strictly speaking a stone at all, but is a fossilized resin. 

Beautiful jewelry made from it resembles gemstones, so it is sold as a gem stone.

It is popular as it has marvelous metaphysical properties for psychic protection. 

It is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing. 

Amber helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy.

It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear.

The main use of amber is as a healing stone, and it may be beneficial to keep it within your aura as long as possible each day if you wish it to benefit your health.

The easiest way to do this is to wear it as jewelry, so have a look at the top quality Baltic Amber jewellery, as it is very beautiful.

If you find you are not able to buy jewelry, the cost of a piece of amber may be quite reasonable, and can be kept either on your body or nearby to assist healing.

It heals the glandular system and stimulates the healing of problems within the DNA, as well as relieving karmic related illness.

Amber connects you to your inner wisdom, via the sacral chakra and enhances clairsentience also known as the psychic gift of clear feeling.

Amber stone aids manifestation, and it is effective at aiding you to use your innate talents and abilities, to bring increased prosperity into your life.