The Heart of Protection
The Heart of Protection
The Heart of Protection

The Heart of Protection

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The Heart of Protection Talisman.

This one is definitely my favourite in this magical collection.

A beautiful talisman to protect your heart and soul.

Every tiniest bit is made by hand.

Bulit with love and passion to become a family heirloom piece.

The focal measures 1.75"

Peace & Love


Symbols are one of the most powerful elements of the art industry, where a single object, however simple it’s represented, evokes a societal issue, an emotion, or an entire story.

Take the heart, for instance. It’s a simple shape, but it represents love, one of the most important and valued emotions and feelings in the world.

Over time, symbols become more and more abstract as they change and transform with the times, but their meanings remain etched in both history and our collective minds.

Whenever you see a heart, what do you immediately think of?

But this post isn’t about hearts. This post is about almost the opposite thing entirely – skulls.

For most of the world, skulls are a depiction of death. They’re a stark reminder of our mortality, and one of the most powerful symbols on the planet.

However, though skulls might clearly have connotations of death, they also have hundreds of other meanings throughout the world and, more often, throughout the art world.

In some places, skulls represent transformation and change, whilst other times they can determine wealth, power, strength and protection.