The Hamsa Amulet Necklce I
The Hamsa Amulet Necklce I
The Hamsa Amulet Necklce I
The Hamsa Amulet Necklce I

The Hamsa Amulet Necklce I

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'We are all one'


The Hamsa Hand is a common, Middle Eastern symbol that is believed to offer happiness, good fortune, peace and protection. The owner of the Hamsa Hand is said to be protected from negative energies, especially from the Evil Eye or "Ayin Ha'ra" - a malicious glare cast by other people which brings misfortune, general unluckiness, illness or death.

The meaning of the Hamsa Hand and its interpretation varies from culture to culture, but it is always a positive and peaceful symbol that provides protection for its owner. It is also known by different names within separate cultures. Some of these names include the Hand of Fatima, the Khamsa, Hand of Miriam and the Hand of Mary. The symbol is generally associated with a female entity that provides protection and strength, but it can also symbolize the Hand of God.

Today I am excited to present you a small collection of super intricate Hamsa Hand necklaces. 

Here is a beautiful Hamsa Hand adorned with genuine King's Manassas Turquoise. The drop flows below the hand. 

This Turquoise is just amazing, looks like there is a liquid Carmel in it. 

The chain measures 18" (send me a message if you prefer different length)

Sterling silver. 

One of a kind!