The Crab Necklace II
The Crab Necklace II
The Crab Necklace II
The Crab Necklace II
The Crab Necklace II

The Crab Necklace II

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Crab is a strong lunar symbol and in Tarot, crab card enhances the strength of any other card that gets drawn. Since crabs cast of their shells after a certain period of time, people often linked this behavior to rebirth and new start in life.

If you discover that Crab images keep skittering into your life, you may have discovered an animal spirit guide or totem that wants your immediate attention. As a general rule Crab represents the moon. It’s aligned with Yin energies and the ebb and tide of Mother Ocean.

From a purely observational standpoint it’s hard to overlook the Crab’s symbolic value of having a “hard shell”. This means that Crab energy protects people from vulnerable discoveries and personal weaknesses when they are not ready to open up.

 I am happy to share with you two one of a kind Crab Necklaces. 

Here is the first nautical necklace that have been made from scratch in sterling silver metal. 

As most of you know every creature is made by my hands. Unique and special. 

Here layered crab hugged by beautiful spiny oyster cabochon and fossilized sand dollar. 

Botge the 14k solid gold tiny coin on his back. 

On each side even more detailed underwater flora pieces. All handmade. 

Very wearable and eye catching. 

Front measures 3" across. 

The chain measures 18"

Please let me know if you need it to be adjusted. 

Ships the next working day. 

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