The Beaver & Amber Necklace
The Beaver & Amber Necklace
The Beaver & Amber Necklace
The Beaver & Amber Necklace

The Beaver & Amber Necklace

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Seek out Beaver as a Power Animal when you’re working with water and earth energy. Beaver is a good helpmate if you have trouble working with others or if you find your energy and motivation for a project is waning. Don’t procrastinate – Beaver will want to set you straight to work: No lollygagging or excuses.

Additionally, Beaver energy helps when you’re having trouble putting all the pieces in place for a project. When your blueprint doesn’t work, invoke Beaver energy for reworking those plans and creating solid foundations!

Native American Beaver Symbolic Meaning

Beavers play a role in Native American symbolism, particularly in stories from various tribes. Typically this creature as a diligent preserver and benevolent creature who protects people by building a dam that holds out invaders and monsters. On a spiritual level, this dam could redirect negativity too.

Another cute guy in the family! As you know all my animals are made by hand and every of them is one of a kind. This time cute and detailed beaver resting among leaves. Above his head 22K gold moon (keum boo technique). Below beautiful natural Baltic Amber. Can you see the star opening behind it? Pop to my IG account to see the video!

Lovely, perfectly sized piece to treasure a lifetime.

Close to my heart, close to your heart, close to Mother nature...

100 %  sterling silver.

Suspended from a Sterling 18"chain.