Flora Earrings
Flora Earrings
Flora Earrings
Flora Earrings
Flora Earrings
Flora Earrings

Flora Earrings

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Oh Spring! It is so inspirational, even in these difficult times it is a pleasure to watch nature awakening. 

Here I am bringing you playful pair of new Flora Earrings. Made with love and great care. You can visit  instagram (@lilyblondestudio) and see their movement and sound. 

These are made from scratch with sterling silver. Adorned with natural faceted peridot gemstone. 

Total length: 4.5"


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Meadow Surprises :

Walk across a green field, a park or even under a clump of trees, and you will notice many wonderful things. What are some of the surprises a meadow has for someone with a keen eye and a sharp ear?

Meadows have surprises,

You can find them if you look;

Walk softly through the velvet grass,

And listen by the brook.

You may see a butterfly

Rest upon a buttercup

And unfold its drinking straws

To sip the nectar up.

You may scare a rabbit

Who is sitting very still;

Though at first you may not see him,

When he hops you will.

A dandelion whose fuzzy head

Was golden days ago

Has turned to airy parachutes

That flutter when you blow.

Explore the meadow houses,

The burrows in the ground,

A nest beneath tall grasses,

The ant’s amazing mound.

Oh! Meadows have surprises

And many things to tell;

You may discover these yourself,

If you look and listen well.

Lois Brandt Phillips