Dream & Love Cuff
Dream & Love Cuff
Dream & Love Cuff
Dream & Love Cuff
Dream & Love Cuff

Dream & Love Cuff

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Published: July 2016

There's a place where I go that no one else knows,
Where mysteries abound and excitement grows.
A place out of reach of any man's hands,
Safely secluded in a far away land
Beyond the grasp of those who may plunder
The wealth of its power and its life changing wonder.
I go alone to my secret place, never leaving a trace
For someone to follow and discover my space
Where I keep my secrets, my fears, and my regrets
Away from the world and all of its threats.
It's mine and mine alone!
The only place I can call my own.
I treasure the moments spent in this realm
Where anything is possible and I'm at the helm.
This place I describe is all that it seems ...
It's a magical place I call my dreams.


Long time no see! Bringing you couple of inspirational cuffs. 

The Dream & Love Cuff features 15 mm sturdy cuff with an organic texture and many hand sawn details. 

Beautiful Crow Springs Turquoise and small Blue Diamond Turquoise on the side. 

It measures 5.5" in length with 1. 25" gap. Small adjustments are possible. 

One of a kind creation.