CUSTOM The Rabbit & Turquoise Necklace

CUSTOM The Rabbit & Turquoise Necklace

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 Another lovely Rabbit joining my pack. 

This time I offer two of these cuties- see the other listing on the shop.

Beautifully decorated and shaped rabbit, crescent moon, northern star and Royston Turquoise. 

So fun to wear and layer with other necklaces!

Perfect hand-finished patina.

Length 18”


  • China: The Moon Rabbit was brought to the moon by Chang’e, a woman who accidentally took too much of the Pill of Immortality and floated to the moon.
  • Japan & Korea: The Moon Rabbit was once studying Buddhism with a fox and a monkey. To test their faith, the Emperor of the Heavens asked them to bring him food. The fox caught a fish, and the monkey returned with fruit. The rabbit, who could find nothing but grass, jumped into a fire and offered himself. The Emperor was touched by its commitment, and appointed the rabbit as the guardian of the moon.

What is the rabbit pounding in the mortar?

  • China: Chinese herbal medicine to make elixir for Chang’e.
  • Japan: Mochi pounder.
  • Korea: Rice to make rice cakes.