The Happy Octopus Necklace
The Happy Octopus Necklace
The Happy Octopus Necklace
The Happy Octopus Necklace

The Happy Octopus Necklace

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Octopus Meaning, and Messages

In general, Octopus symbolism is a reminder that to get what you desire right now, you need to camouflage yourself and fly under the radar. In other words, keep doing what you are doing, but be inconspicuous while doing it. The spirit of this sea creature is saying that you must wait until the very last moment. Meaning that when your prize is within grasp, then you can announce your intentions.

Alternatively, the Octopus meaning can signify the need for you to pretend that you are something other than what you are. There are times when we need to become an extrovert. Thus, we put ourselves out there to get to where we want to be. Like the Blue Jay, there are also times when we need to grow invisible to someone to get by them. Occasionally, we will even have to mimic those around us so that we can blend in with the scenery. Moreover, Octopus symbolism is letting you know that you can quickly move through any barriers that are keeping you from your goals.


Here is a nautical necklace that have been made from scratch in sterling silver metal. 

A Happy Octopus cutie! 

As most of you know every creature is made by my hands. Unique and special. 

Here you see layered octopus with lovely eyes. Pretty time consuming, but so worth the effort! 

Adorned with aqua chalcedony and peridot gemstones. 

Very wearable and eye catching. 

The chain measures 18"

Please let me know if you need it to be adjusted. 

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