Flora Earrings No 2
Flora Earrings No 2
Flora Earrings No 2
Flora Earrings No 2
Flora Earrings No 2

Flora Earrings No 2

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Oh Summer! It is so inspirational, and as I love to wear various ear adornments, this time of the year lets me play even more!

Here I am bringing you playful pair of our new Flora Earrings. Made with love and great care. You can visit our instagram (@lilyblondestudio) and see how very time consuming the process of mking these tiny pins is. And more about us and the studio.

These are made from scratch with sterling and fine silver. Adorned with tiny furled fern.

Total length: 2.5"



Meadow Surprises :

Walk across a green field, a park or even under a clump of trees, and you will notice many wonderful things. What are some of the surprises a meadow has for someone with a keen eye and a sharp ear?

Meadows have surprises,

You can find them if you look;

Walk softly through the velvet grass,

And listen by the brook.

You may see a butterfly

Rest upon a buttercup

And unfold its drinking straws

To sip the nectar up.

You may scare a rabbit

Who is sitting very still;

Though at first you may not see him,

When he hops you will.

A dandelion whose fuzzy head

Was golden days ago

Has turned to airy parachutes

That flutter when you blow.

Explore the meadow houses,

The burrows in the ground,

A nest beneath tall grasses,

The ant’s amazing mound.

Oh! Meadows have surprises

And many things to tell;

You may discover these yourself,

If you look and listen well.

Lois Brandt Phillips