MADE TO ORDER Cat The Wizard Necklace
MADE TO ORDER Cat The Wizard Necklace
MADE TO ORDER Cat The Wizard Necklace
MADE TO ORDER Cat The Wizard Necklace

MADE TO ORDER Cat The Wizard Necklace

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Black Cats, Beware!

To all black cats, please listen keen!
Do fight the urge to see, be seen.
Tonight, avoid all humans mean.
My dears: Stay in on Halloween!

Resist the call to go outside!
Best inside your house to hide!
Resist the siren call of night
And ponder on the firelight.

Sit by the hearth and warm your toes,
Whilst evil comes and evil goes.
Resist temptation on this night.
Avoid a dark, nightmarish fright!

Your human knows to keep you safe.
Against her will, please do not chafe!
Curl up beside her, let her know
There's no place else you'd rather go!

And while she strokes your raven mane,
Please calm your wild and keep your sane.
For danger lurks on such a night,
From humans who are human blight,
Who must do wrong, and ne'er do right.
And search for victims till the light--
Black cats they seek, and not the white!

For they believe the ancient tales
Of witches and their potent ales,
Of feline consorts, black as coal,
Whose green eyes mask an evil soul.

And even in these modern times,
Those gothic bells of fear still chime. 
Those ancient fools of superstition
Tell modern ghouls: Fulfill your mission!

And what if you are all alone?
My dear black cat, and have no home?
Are homeless night and homeless day,
No bowls for you, you hunt your prey.
And pray you find a home someday. 

Dry bags and garbage for your bed,
Each night to rest your weary head.
You too must hide and seek the safe--
Oh, heed my plea, dear feline waif!

To all beloved felines black,
Stay safe this night and watch your back! 
For Halloween will soon be o'er,
And you are safe for one year more!


Please allow 7 working days to ship. 


Cat & Halloween Lovers alert! 

Another piece that is a part od 2020 Halloween Collection.

As usual made totally by hand in sterling silver. Note the tweets and mustache!

Adorned with a tiny moon and genuine Rhodolite Garnet. 

Suspended from a sterling 18" chain.

I hope you will enjoy this cute little scary guy!